My First Portfolio

Home sweet home

After a semester of falling in love with web design I chose to do the obvious for my final project: create a personal homepage. My goal was to create a pleasing and unique way to experience a portfolio. I wanted the piece to reflect my bright fun side while also channeling Philadelphia, the city I was in and so loved. A trip through the site is like a trip through the City of Brotherly Love via my mind’s eye.

Final Site
Final Section Mock-ups
Original Idea Mock-up
Next Last

Web design largely appeals to me thanks to it’s ability to create literal portals into other worlds, accessible by anyone, anywhere. However while most sites focus on the important information experience, I was determined to also enhance the visual experience beyond anything I’d seen. Though I now subscribe to a more balanced philosophy, this project was a great way to test the boundaries of the medium and my ability.

While I was quite proud of the finished piece, I’ve since learned the problems with such image-heavy websites and now know how to optimize my projects while still integrating the personal stylistic touches that drip from this piece.

While the fun street-like aesthetic is fun and original, it’s the interactive elements that I still truly enjoy. My eyes following the cursor. The parallax as you “walk” from one section to another. The garage door that opens to reveal more information. It is these interactions that make this an engaging project.

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