Think different

The best part of my major in college was the wide variety of fields it opened up for me. The worst part was choosing which to pursue. I was especially enamored with animation. The ability to bring any story I could conceive to life was extremely appealing. It was a demanding field of study however and led to many sleepless nights. Nosey was my final project and by far my most ambitious. So much so that I didn’t actually completely it in full till after the semester was over, and then only after four days of non-stop work.

Inspired by the class morality tales of Dr. Seuss, Nosey is a story about trying to be different. The main character, frustrated at being the same as everyone else, grows a nose but is ridiculed for the ridiculous new appendage. However, when the rest of his people realize the new abilities his nose grants him, they flock to get their own, leading to the eventual homogeny our protagonist so detested in the first place. What shall he do? Watch to find out!

The Rose
Early sketches
Waking up
The Nosery in operation
Next Last

My original idea had a few additional shots to the final but time constraints forced me to find clever ways to cut them down. I was responsible for every aspect of the piece which still amazes me. I did concept art, storyboards, an animatic, 3D models, rigging, texturing, rendering, compositing, and editing. The image gallery here only touches on the enormity of these tasks.

One day I hope to be able to return to this piece and fix what technological and narrative errors remain. However for now, it remains one of the single largest undertakings I’ve ever attempted.

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