Just Desserts

Let them eat cake

There are many great rivalries: Apple and Microsoft, Star Trek and Star Wars, Monopoly and Risk. Competition is the lifeblood of many stories. So when I was set to making a comic of one such rivalry for a Sequential Art class, I was lucky to have an old idea kicking around my sketch book: meet Waffles and Ice Cream.

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Final Sketch
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I started this piece on paper, doing all the line work in Photoshop before moving to Corel painter for the coloring. The process was the result of my ongoing efforts to perfect my digital color process and skill set.

Did you know that the ice cream cone first appeared at the 1904 Saint Louis World’s Fare? Though probably an urban legend, the story goes that a competing ice cream and waffle vendor realized that by wrapping the ice cream in the waffle they could make a delicious portable treat. Even if that’s not quite how it happened it still makes a great story.