Brush && Mouse

Born and raised in Washington, DC, I was constantly exposed to the capital’s politics, arts, and grueling summers. It was while taking shelter from one such season that I first discovered the beautiful union between computers and the arts. Ever since I’ve been driven to explore this relationship and push its boundaries ever further.

In going to college at the University of Pennsylvania I aimed to hone the artistic and technological knowledge I’d been accumulating. I was overjoyed to find the Digital Media Design program shorty after moving into my musty freshman dorm. Over the next four years my childhood of museum visits and video games had found its perfect outlet.

I’ve worked in a variety of digital mediums, from 3D animation to software development. However when I first tried web design I knew I had found something special. My life has been defined by the rise of the internet and interactive technologies. While some may be content to just consume, my natural curiosity and ambition drives me to create. I especially enjoy the diversity of projects that can leverage the web. Today it’s mobile, tomorrow who knows.

All I know for certain is that I want to be right there on the front lines: brush in one hand, mouse in the other.