Time Well Rested

April 29, 2015

I’ve been in California for about a year and a half now. This blog has lain dormant the majority of that time. In fact I swear I’ve lost a final “trip in review” post I made about my road trip out here. However, not being able to find it I thought I’d simply post a small update for posterity and my own future selfs enjoyment. Simply reading through the content already here is quite nostalgic for me.

Ironically even the first draft of this post was lost due to a failure of autosave >__<

Long story short: I love California. It’s laid back and gorgeous just like everyone said. I’ve got lots of friends, new and old, and work is fine. I’ve seen some great movies, been heavily addicted to a game recently, and even got to see Book of Mormon finally! That all aside. I continue the quest for the person I’ll continue my adventures with. Till then, I’m trying to live my life as best I know how and enjoy this lovely summer I have planned!


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