Farewell Chicago

October 26, 2013

My last day in Chicago was a Frank Lloyd Wright day. I saw his house and studio along with the numerous houses he designed in the same Oak Park neighborhood. It’s amazing how modern his works are considering he lived in an age of horses and ice boxes.

His house was as much a laboratory for his architectural experiments as it was his family’s home. Of interest to me especially was his studio. Based on a recurring octagon motif, the large central room is literally held together by a complex network of chains and counter weights. Furthermore, the octagonal conference room off the studio’s main drafting room has several repeating octagons that twist as they rise up the room. This gives the room an overpowering sense of movement.

As the day draws to a close, I attend dinner with an old college friend and his now fiancĂ©. After a meal and a couple drinks, we’re both laughing uncontrollably at the preposterous situations we found ourselves in back in college. Days fond to remember but easy to put behind us. The entire setup feels like some feel good movie or perhaps just the epilogue to a college comedy. I return to the distant Oak Park suburbs to have a final drink with my hosts and thank them once more for their generosity.

Tomorrow I leave for Nebraska.

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