Chi Town Day One

October 23, 2013

Had a wonderful relaxing day exploring Chicago yesterday. Tried to get into a museum using Erin’s family membership but no luck. Instead, we explored Millennium park. Saw the famous silver “bean” (or Cloud Gate) as well as Frank Gehry’s beautiful concert venue nearby. Then, after some wandering, we got on a boat architecture tour of the city and found out some truly fascinating facts about the city’s skyline.

The river really gives a nice perspective of all the skyscrapers that can be difficult to find in New York City. I continue to especially love all the art deco buildings. Though it’s funny to see how the older buildings shun the river, it having been a polluted mess, while the newer ones embrace the scenic views it began to provide as it was cleaned up. It’s quite a collage of styles along the river and it was interesting to see all the new construction that’s starting up as well.

After the tour we walked down to Chinatown for some delicious dim sum, definitely one of my favorite types of meals, that filled us both to bursting. We lazily made our way back to the train and Erin’s home to rest. Fighting off the itis, we relaxed a bit, had a quick dinner with the family, and went to trivia with some of Erin’s friends. We did decently but not well enough to win anything. I learned my knowledge of football helmets is much better than anticipated while my spelling ability still leaves much to be desired (I blame auto-correct).

I believe today I’ll wind on up to Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio, near where I’m staying, for a tour before we head downtown to see a film at the Chicago International Film Festival and hopefully catch up with an old Penn Six friend I haven’t seen in ages. For tomorrow, my plan is leave a bit early and go to the House on the Rock a short ride north in Wisconsin of American Gods fame. I’ll then begin my drive down to Nebraska, stopping somewhere along the way to camp for the night. I’m hoping to find a nice campsite on the route but it is getting quite cold. Thankfully I think I have everything I need to survive a cold night in relative comfort. Wish me luck!

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