Chi Town Arrival

October 22, 2013

Packed Back seatSo the first long leg of my journey is complete. I left New York City around 10pm last night and arrived in Chicago at 1:30pm the next day. That’s fifteen and half hours people! I’m quite proud of that. I drove through the night only taking one long nap break around 5am. The car is doing great despite the large load; my entire back seat is filled. I’m getting about 400 miles a tank and had to stop for gas about three times.

My first attempted stop in Pennsylvania the gas station was closed. As I fussed with the pump I heard a strange clattering behind me. I turned around only to see two Amish men trotting by in a buggy at 2am! It was quite surreal.

Leaving New York was difficult. All the farewell get togethers and teary goodbyes made me realize how much I was leaving behind. I’m excited for a new start in San Francisco but I can’t help but feel a bit heartless for so quickly leaving behind the family I built in the Big Apple over the last two years. I apologize to you all and hope to see you soon!
I’m going to explore Chicago today with my friend Erin. We’re going on an architectural boat tour as well as who knows what else. I plan on staying here a few more days and heading on to Nebraska around the end of the week.
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