Hello and welcome to my brand new website. There’s still much to do but I’m confident that the site is now in a suitably presentable and stable state to share.

The point of this redesign was to hone my message while simultaneously demonstrating my improved skill set since I first created a personal site in college. This new site is built on WordPress with a custom responsive theme. I’m hoping the use of this elegant content management system will motivate me to add to my blog and portfolio more regularly.

Specifically I hope to begin a drawing series on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to work on my digital illustration. I plan to correlate them with whatever I’m watching, reading, hearing, or playing at the time so look forward to finding some great new media to pour into your sockets. The first in the series will be an illustration based on one of the short stories in Neil Gaiman’s fantastic collection, Unnatural Creatures.

Lastly there are a few key features I plan on adding to this site in my free time. These include: improving performance, adding novel hover states, better animation upon AJAX requests, portfolio sorting, and more. If you have any other suggestions feel free to share.

If you notice anything acting or looking funny please spare the time to leave a comment or contact me specifying the problem you encountered and any details about your browsing set up. Any help is appreciated.

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