Dear Steve

October 5, 2011

RIP Steve

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Tonight marks the end of an era in more fields than I care to count. The DaVinci of our age is no longer with us and it saddens my heart.

Just a few moments ago I was at the grocery checking out when I heard a woman at the next aisle talking on her cell say “Steve Jobs just died.” I had to interrupt her conversation to ask if I heard correctly. I sat there flabbergasted for a spell and then a morose “Shit” worked it’s way out of my confusion, the two cashiers staring at me a loss.

Steve Jobs has almost single handedly shaped not only my own view of the world, but my entire generation’s. He’s a big part of why the geek (present) is new chic. He defined the way I’ve interacted with media, and therefore large parts of my life (remember the geek bit?) for most of that short time. And lastly he is the messiah of my newly chosen industry: design.

I’ve been using a Mac since the beginning of high school and Apple products have been I’m my life ever since. I travelled through both New Zeland and Europe with my now decrepit MacBook Pro and an iPod hasnt left my pocket for almost a decade. An iPhone is just around the corner and I’m currently writing to you from my iPod touch. This is change. This is the future. And I’ve been lucky enough to live through the revolution. From here on in it’s just going to get bigger, better and faster but I can proudly tell my grandchildren that “When I was a boy, you went to the computer; not the other way round.” Many had envisioned our computing future but Steve brought his idea into reality and humanity as a whole has benefited from his foresight and passion.

So to Steve I say a million thanks and best wishes. Safe travels in the sacred halls of history’s grand innovators. Give ol’ Tesla a big handshake and share a glass of wine with Plato. And rest assured your hard work has inspired many more to continue to push the boundaries of imagination and the established mega-industries to their limits. I should know. I’m one of them (the inspired, not the corporations).

RIP Steve.

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