Checking In

September 25, 2011

I know it’s been awhile but I’m checking in to spur myself to action. Moved into my new place in Park Slope after a messy and expensive retreat from my sublet. After trying to find a subletter to cover my month of overlap, I discovered a bed bug in my old place! YUCK! Decided it would be best to move and fumigate all my belongings that weekend. After a week of having next to nothing and sleeping on an air mattress I got all my stuff back and am still to unpack. Thankfully, so far it seems I didn’t bring the fiendish parasites with me.

I now have the task of unpacking my stuff and organizing my new huge room. It smells a bit musty down here in this basement room, I’ll probably need a dehumidifier and some natural light bulbs to make it a bit more hospitable. I’m already around $2k down from the move, exterminations and inspections. Bed bugs are clearly big business! Unfortunately the mess of it all has led me on a “going out” binge this week losing me more money. I need to live more spartan for the foreseeable future as loans creep up.

Project wise works been going great working on odds and ends while we wait to hear back from clients. Getting some great chances to try and learn new technologies. We’re also trying to tie our technical resources with those of our London office and I imagine our Durban one eventually. My personal projects haven’t progressed much beyond some sketching but I now have a few.

NYC Subway Web Comic
Yogscast Fan Art
Sun Smasher iPhone Game
Nosey Animation
Touch Up Website

While you wait to hear back about those,  check out this awesome song and quirky music video.

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