Possible Next Home?

August 25, 2011

Saw a real gem of a place out of the blue tonight right around the corner from where I live. A broker who I had talked to previously but hadn’t had much of interest called me unannounced today during work saying he had an appointment set up to view an amazing place in Washington Heights for $2500 (heat and water included of course). He had scheduled the viewing for another client, a NYU professor who was looking for a place for her and her daughter, but they had had a family emergency (my condolences) and had to cancel. Knowing I was looking for a three bedroom he called and boy am I glad he did. The photos speak for themselves:

This place is amazing in terms of layout, space and overall size. The building has no history of bed bugs but does have a number of other complaints (mainly dealing with structural or heat problems) in other units but none specific to this one. The appliances all look pretty new and its got a dishwasher (SCORE!). Laundry in the building plus an elevator, though I’d only ever use it to get to the basement laundry room.

On the downside, Washington Heights is not renowned for its safety or nightlife. Personally, I feel plenty safe here as its a very family centered neighborhood; I see little kids out and about till pretty late along with their parents and even grandparents. Perhaps very late at night it can get a bit sketchy but this is NYC after all. As to nightlife, the fact that two main subway lines are on your door and getting downtown takes a half hour to an hour tops means the city’s your playground (plus this place is so big I could definitely see myself entertaining guests and/or parties). Worst case scenario, I’d be here a year and then choose a nice area from a list like this.

I asked the current tenant if they liked living there and the only complaint they had was that occasionally they had to file a noise complaint because of people hanging around outside the window under the scaffolding around the building, probably since its a dead end making it a good place to congregate. However, because the building’s on a slope, most, if not all, the windows are above eye level of the street which is nice (plus they’re barred of course). Stupidly, I forgot to ask specifically why they weren’t renewing but since she looked to be in my age group and her only grievance was some street noise, I assume her and her roommates are moving on to other things. They might have even been students (which would explain the September lease and her comrades’ departures).

Of course I am a bit biased since I already live in the area. In fact I’m currently so close that I only need to rent a dolly or shopping cart to move all my stuff over the block and a half. I was looking forward to maybe trying a new neighborhood but I haven’t even been here six months and this place is definitely a diamond in the rough, literally.

I’ve put down a small deposit and I told the broker I’d let them know if we’re going ahead by the time I get off work tomorrow at 6pm. If so I’ll get the rest of the first payment (first months, security and fee which is only an extra month) as a certified check to them later that afternoon. I was ready to wait a month and let my roommates look for sublets but this place is just so amazing. It actually feels like a home; a place I’d want to live and stay!

Hope you all agree with me.

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