The Metamorphosis

July 16, 2011

So I finished my project…well sorta. I got it to a good working point after much work and submitted it. I definitely plan on coming back to it. Firstly I’d like to completely redo the design to make it a bit more accessible. Then I need to add the many features discussed in previous posts. So stick tuned here!

You may  have also noticed (though I doubt anyone reads this but I’m going to keep it up to keep motivated on my own projects) that I’ve changed to title. The title, “The Graduate Mechanism,” is in keeping with my company’s, The Mechanism‘s current move to start a series of micro-sites and such all involving some sort of mechanism. Seeing as how I just started working there and just graduated, it was either “graduate” or “n00b.”

Going to be part of the MP3 Experiment down in Battery Park. Looking forward to it, I’ve never been part of a flash mob. Gotta go downtown to get a few last minute props as well as do some other shopping odds and ends. This week was a bit stressful since my roommate and I were still sorting out the money situation for the whole lock malfunction business that happened last weekend. The stress really got to him and well both of us. All Friday I thought things were going to get really dicey but it turned out we had both just been confused by each other’s texts and everything is now sorted. Joy!

Just waiting for my headphones to get back from the warranty place, the right ear bud broke after a tiny tug and there was no visible damage. They were only 6 months old! Hopefully they’ll send a new pair soon!

Lastly Jared sent me this awesome MTA contest link. Definitely something I should try to do in my free time since I’ve gotten pretty good at Appcelerator Titanium since starting work (which is going splendidly I may add). Now I just need to peruse their available data and methods to see what kind of fly ass stuff I could do…hmmm…

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