Mechanics Are Done

June 14, 2011

Well I’m going to call it people! The game mechanics are working just fine. I’m going to now try to get it on the device tonight and make sure it runs all right. I’ll also put it through the analyzer to make sure there are no major memory issues or the like. I have today and tomorrow to work on the assets. Then it’ll take around a day or so to throw them all in along with any basic sprite animations I might want to consider (e,g rotations, scaling and translation — no actual animation for now). If I have time I might try and implement some layered sprites (planet and shadow for instance). Sound is a whole other beast however.

Some other features that I may reasonably be able to implement but am leaving on the cutting room floor for now:

  • Storing your high score
  • Level selection
  • Options (don’t know what I’d put on there though)
  • Pause Menu

As much as I’d like to add sound, I’m a little afraid of all the extra tweaking that will require. However, if it turns out to be easy I might go ahead and do it. At the very least I’ll try and find some spacey Creative Commons licensed music to play at all times. The options menu could allow you to turn it off and on.

Concerning the style/design, I am quite fond of the realistic style I showed during the Alpha. Bonus: I already have three assets to throw in after some tweaking. Con: They’ll have to be static aside from maybe some rotation which means the shadows, which are what make them look so good, are going to have to either be stationary or removed and added later as a transparent sprite over top. Obviously the latter would be a good deal of work. For now I think I’ll just Have the static shadows but make my files so its easy to remove them and save separately if I can figure out animating the shadows. I feel like having the planet rotate under a static shadow I align to point away from the Sun could look awesome!

For now my goal is to create:

  • 4-5 Planets each with 1-3 damage states
  • 2 Suns possibly with a glow or flare layer to animate on top
  • 3 Outer space backgrounds (Deep Space, Meteor Belt, Nebula)
  • 1 Ship/Turret that points towards your shot
  • 2 Bullets (abstract glowing photon torpedo kind of things)
  • Main Menu buttons – Play, Level Select, Options (only Play will work for now and the background can be one of the space images)

Please enjoy this video of the game mechanics below! The reason you see levels “over lapping” like that is because I have no background set. Easily fixed. I would like to find out if I can have everything shift over as if we are warping from one part of space to the other.

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