Gameplay Changes

June 9, 2011

So after a long talk with Jared the other night I’ve whittled down the gameplay to make it tighter and simpler. So now the player can only shoot from one side in the middle of the screen a la “Snood.” Also I got bullet path tracking a la “Angry Birds” working and I have the game draw a circle where you last touched so you can see where exactly you aimed and where it went. See screen shot below.

Still a bit buggy

Hacked together Path Tracking

Currently having some trouble figuring out how to remove an object from the scene since each object consists of a sprite, body and shape for the graphics, physics and collisions respectively. Linking the three so all are deleted at once has proven difficult since they don’t seem to have an id property. Trying to create a class and pass an instance of it to the destructor.

Also, upgraded to XCode 4 and got my certificates all sorted out. Haven’t tried building onto a device yet since its still a little unstable. Will do soon. XCode 4 is miles away better than 3; the debugging is actually useful!

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