So I got my four planets, my two suns and my three backgrounds plus menus! Not too shabby especially considering I got all three damage states for each planet. However all that art took a long time so looks like sound, options and level tracking will be left on the cutting room floor for this release. I plan on getting it to at least a couple friends tomorrow to at least write about what improvements should be made even if I can’t make them. Hopefully there’ll be a few minor ones I can implement realistically.

I think I should have time to create a pause menu that will come up when you click on the sun in the scene. Clever huh. Of course I don’t really have time to create a tutorial screen though maybe I’ll have a simple label window pop up when you hit config? We’ll see what I have time for.

My main problem has been staying focused on the project since I’m doing everything myself. If I were just responsible for the code or art it would be much easier. But since I have to do everything, I find it hard to get started since its so overwhelming and across the board kind of work. Especially now that I’m trying to get everything to a presentable level. I feel like at the moment the game might be too difficult/easy since there’s only the one weapons and I’ve had to make the planets a lot smaller to allow more than a couple on screen. If I had more time, I’d make sever sized versions of each so as you progress the scale starts to feel larger and larger even though the navigation remains fixed. This should be pretty easy to do down the line but its tedious time consuming work I don’t have time for right now. I remember a lot of my time at Mindsnacks was just dealing with scaling, reformatting, renaming the assets I created. Thank god for Automator but it was still tedious.

Sadly my Mac is on its last legs. The laptop display is pretty much unusable so I’m restricted to my external monitor alone. Hoping to get an Asus Eee Slate if Microsoft stocks them back in their store so I can get a free 360 (it’s part of their back to college deal and I still have a edu address: shhh don’t tell!).

After I finish this, hopefully tonight, I’ll have to really cram on my independent study but that’s just a pass/fail elective so I’m not too worried. I figure as long as I show I worked on it it should be fine since I decided to invest my time in this project which actually matters to me, my grade and my major.

Oh one interesting art note that cropped up during design which I hadn’t considered: what angle should the planets be viewed from? Obviously the game itself is in a top down perspective on the system. However my assets are all side on since its more interesting and easier to discern. I figured seeing a bunch of polar caps and concentric circles wouldn’t be very interesting so I guess I every system you’re destroying has a wonky Uranus like axial tilt (which is parallel to the solar plane). Hell, maybe that’s why you’re destroying them! Ha!

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