So did a bit more work this afternoon and got a bare bones menu transitioning into my test scene. RESULT! Talked to my developer friend about overall layout for levels etc. He recommended JSON or CSV as good tools for storing level data. Its either that or create my own (probably just a .txt file) which I’ll parse for each level’s planet configuration.

Also, I’ve been thinking more about game play and have come to the conclusion that interacting with the planets directly is a silly and infeasible idea. Every design idea I came up with along that path resulted in “Osmosis” leading me to believe that their design solution is the optimal one for such an experience. Instead, I’ve come up with the idea of a more “Break Out” or “Asteroids” style of turn based game play. This also makes my job a bit easier since I don’t have to worry as much about the planets themselves.

Instead of altering the planetary paths, the player will fire projectiles into the level from specified points. At the moment I feel that a layout along the lines of the sketch below would be the best:

Two Versions

Alternative interaction methods in landscape

There is the persistent problem of scale. Having to zoom the levels in and out will be difficult if not impossible (tomorrow’s challenge?). Furthermore, it would demand that projectiles can be fired from a variety of distances when a fixed location makes more sense. However that’s why I feel that restricting the firing range to one side would be best. Then, no matter what scale the player is at, the projectile will fire from that side of the screen. Of course then there’s the issue of timing the flight of a projectile where you don’t know what distance it’s being fired from. This could be resolved by yet another change: one tap to fire and another to explode the projectile. Different projectiles could have different areas of effect or even different properties if I want to get fancy.


One of the benefits of such a change is that if makes scoring performance much easier. The more shots it takes, the worse your score. If you manage to destroy multiple planets with one shot, bonus. Etc.

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