Working on the Road

May 18, 2011

So graduation has come and passed. Yeah! Now to finish this project already. However, I was obviously occupied over the weekend with my family and graduation ceremonies of course. And now, I have to pack to move out by the 20th (why they didn’t give us the whole month we paid for I don’t know). So right now is really my only time to work on the project this week.

I’m currently in the bus on my way up to NYC to see some room shares and meet potential roommates for my job starting July 5th so I’m looking for a mid-June move-in. Then, once I get back, its right back to packing. Thankfully the Megabus has internet, however slow.

My target for now is to find and integrate the physics engine code from the Chipmunk “Planets” demo into my own basic project since it supposedly contains an orbit function code. To work!

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