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May 11, 2011

Hello everyone. It’s been awhile. So long in fact that it seems my fooling around with my .htaccess file for my web class messed up the blog and I didn’t even realize. Got it all patched up now, just had to remove the stuff I fiddled with. Anyways, now its time to start cracking on the project again and t his time hard since I have little to no other distractions…besides, you know, my life completely changing.

So first thing is to get the physics engine controlling the planetary orbits correctly by setting the appropriate velocity function. With the help of similar games built on the same platform I think I’ll be able to dissect the Chipmunk rigid body velocity equation setup. Next is to include base collision detection so when two bodies intersect they both disappear except for the sun which we’ll keep persistent and unaffected by anything in the scene. That seems like a good chunk to get done this week.

Next week will be figuring out scene navigation. Probably for now I’ll keep it simple with a two-finger pan and reserve one-finger actions for interacting with the scene itself. Then the next task is adding the different weapons and their respective UI. And lastly I’ll be adding the menus, highscore boards and other trivial features. To work my friends!

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