Week from Hell

March 2, 2011

So the Alpha Review being over and having gone so well completely blew my mind. So much so that I got almost nothing done over the weekend, having decided to actually take time to do things besides sleep and do work. Of course that meant I feel terribly behind in all my classes this week and despite the pressures I found it hard to get started again with Spring Break around the corner. This means I barely scraped together my website project for this week and I am terribly under-prepared for my Algorithms exam today. What I truly need now is sleep but thats not a luxury I can afford till Friday.

Still waiting to hear from my mysterious iPhone developer license benefactor. I should search him out via his PennApps project and get on that. Can’t wait till Spring Break, plan on tackling a huge chunk of the game and hope to have the physics engine and interactions done by the end. Then I just need to do interface stuff (menus, levels, etc) and user testing after the break. If I don’t feel like I’ve made sufficient progress on my project by the end of the break, then I may push my project back till Summer. It seems everything’s falling apart and I still need to do more job applications as always. Though at this point its hard to know what exactly will be going on this Summer let alone in the distant future.


That’s where we are, that’s where we’re going. Let’s get on it and get over it. Break!

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