OMG Objective-C is the WORST!

February 19, 2011

So I tried following the UIKit tutorial in my book I bought and the initial step wouldn’t even work! I resorted to copying code wholesale from the source code they provide on their site and still nothing. I’m getting a handle for Objective-C now but for some reason the simulator wouldn’t even get to my actual code. It just got stuck in the mach_msg loop. I didn’t see any differences between my code and theirs. There must be some connection to the main game loop I’m missing but for now I’m abandoning even doing this UIKit tutorial and will begin a Cocos2D one instead which is what I intended on using ultimately anyways. Below see my awesome, motionless, scrapped demo!

UIKIT is da wurst

One Response to OMG Objective-C is the WORST!

  1. Lu says:

    I imagine there’s some sort of “Hello World” code that you can get running? Maybe you could move small parts of code from the non-functional UIKit tutorial and figure out where the bug is.

    Through I guess scrapping it for Cocos2D is also a good solution, unless UIKit has some benefit you particularly need…

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