New Books!!!

February 15, 2011

Got the two books that were on reserve for me from the library. Skimmed the intro to one and learned some good stuff. Apparently I need a $99 license to demo my app on an actual device. Don’t know if that’s changed but it might have…hopefully? I wonder if I had kept my Mindsnacks dev licenses on my iPod touch from the summer if they would’ve cut it? Doubt it since they were all expiring. Maybe Jesse would be so kind as to share with me their log in credentials? I’ll have to email. It’s just for a school project right?

UPDATE: Checked  the Apple website and its still the same policy as outlined in the book. $99/year to test on a device. I would like to do this eventually. Could the school possibly by a license that I, and future students, could use? Either way need to get on this ASAP since its not an instant process and takes time to get approved. Furthermore, I’d need to add things to my code to make it device compatible (licensing information and the like).

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