February 12, 2011

Began reading my iPhone Development book and so far its been very useful. Nice simple introduction to the format of Objective-C. Hope to begin coding this week after my midterm, especially now that my Demoreel’s complete and my website’s practically there (just need to post some more portfolio stuff, my demoreel and implement the email page, all more a grind than difficult). It’s been tough so far keeping up with work and impending graduation. Seems I’ll be doing an Independent Study or something of the sort Pass/Fail come graduation time to get my 7th credit. Still can’t believe they won’t count ASTRO001 as a Free Elective…IT’S FREE!!!! Anyways, wish I had known earlier so I could’ve dealt with it earlier as a simple 6th credit before going abroad. Still haven’t done any job apps to boot, misunderstood the reminders I wrote myself! Doh! Need to get on that. Real life is coming down like a rain of bricks.

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