Inaugural Post

January 26, 2011

So here we are. This blogger site will probably just be temporary since I was having some trouble setting up WordPress for the first time on my server since I haven’t used MySQL yet. Can’t wait till Web II really get’s started this semester and I learn all that juicy stuff. Anyways worked on the Proposal all yesterday and today and managed to piece it together. It was a bit difficult seeing as how the structure of the proposal is meant for more academic purposes. I think I came up with a pretty decent way to exploit that though.

I channeled a lot of what I learned in London about design cycles, patterns and such. At the time I didn’t think it would serve much purpose, but it found a good outlet here. I knew a lot of the academic vocabulary for the design process which was very helpful. I just hope I can find my notes from that class. I believe I kept them but their home in DC so next time I go down there I should definitely do a search for them to implement them as resources here in this project. I can only hope they’re there.

My proposal went pretty well besides the academic-theme hurdle I had to overcome. I think I communicated the game idea across quite nicely but the time the Gantt Chart took threw my work timing off (probably over-designed it for what it was considering the past proposals I looked at online). Still a proper mock-up is my first step along with reading up on Objective C and doing some tutorials. Ordered a decent book off Amazon. Reviews aren’t stellar but none really are for these kinds of things, it’s just hard it seems.

I’m excited to start doing said tutorials. I picked up Unity3D pretty quickly and I had to teach myself some basic C and Javascript for that as well. Though I relied more on the Javascript due to my Java experience (and the similarities between the two) I generally thought I picked it up pretty quickly. Staying motivated to do that along with regular schoolwork will be the gravest challenge in this area but I’m confident.

If my recent stand-alone work on my own website is any indicator, I don’t think I have much to worry about…as long as I can get my website and demoreel done fast enough so that they don’t interfere with my Senior Project too long.

Anyways, I’ll post my initial sketch/concept of the game just for funsies, it’s not a work of art or anything, and I’ll have a basic mock up fairly soon. I won’t do a proper pretty mock up till closer to the Alpha review, should only take a day or two and starting coding is the hardest, and most important, step. Wish me luck.

NB: We’re now on WordPress on my domain! WOOT!

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  1. Joe says:

    Ben as a note too, not sure if I mentioned we do have pro copies of Unity in the lab now, and will have a pro copy for idevice dev on the mac in the lab

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